A luxury destination wedding is all in the details

When planning a truly special day, there’s nothing quite as romantic as a luxury destination wedding. Surrounded by sea, sun, and your very favourite people, a destination wedding is truly something to remember – and be remembered by.

We all know the things that make a wedding tick – perfect weather, excellent location, delicious food, gorgeous dress – but the thing that really elevates a wedding from formal vacation to luxury romantic escape is the detail. The difference between seat sashes and tiny posies is a small one, but it’s things like this that make your special day one your guests will truly remember.

Tie your theme to your location – but not too tightly!

You’re having a destination wedding – of course your destination is the theme! But try not to go too crazy with the Pacific-chic look – too much fringing will make your reception look like a bad period film. Offset your beautiful location with details made from local woods, offset by one of your favourite home decorating tricks such as eye-catching burnished metal. Chic, local, and still oh-so-you – perfect!

Keep it local

Ask your wedding planner or local liaison to scour local shops and marketplaces for the perfect I-Do-Day touches. Locally-made jewellery makes a beautiful bridesmaid’s gift, and using glassware, centrepieces, or even a reception outfit made by a local supports the economy and will make a beautiful wedding memento that can double as a party conversation starter for years to come.

More than just flowers

When planning your flowers for the day, keep your mind open. There’s more to your dream destination than frangipanis and dyed orange peonies, and you’ll never know what kind of impact some well-placed greenery or stunning local flora may have.