Share an unforgettable Fiji adventure with your loved one at Lomani Island Resort. Our list of complimentary tours and activities contains everything you need to get the most out of your Fiji holiday – from water sports to cycling, snorkelling to kayaking and so much more, there’s always a complimentary activity for you and your partner to share at Lomani Island Resort.

Activities Guide



We offer a range of daily scheduled activities that are complimentary to Lomani guests. Enjoy one of these activities per day, included with your accommodation. We operate our activities according to tide times and weather conditions, so check with the Activities Bure before planning your day.

If you’re interested in participating in more than one tour or activity per day, a flat rate of FJ$20 applies.

* These activities are operated according to tides and are therefore not run at the same time or day every week.
Lomani Island

Guided snorkelling adventure

Some of Fiji’s most beautiful scenery can be found not above, but below its turquoise waters. Borrow some equipment and explore the coral gardens and abundant marine life just 500m offshore from Lomani Island Resort.

Lomani Island

Dolphin safari

Dolphins and whales love the warm blue waters surrounding the Fiji Islands. You’ll be sure to see some dolphins on this safari and snorkel, as they rally around the boat when they hear the engines approach.

Lomani Island

Guided village tour

Tucked among the copra plantations right here on the island, Solevu Village is a traditional Fijian village that would love to welcome you. This tour includes a stop at the village market, where you can purchase traditional Fijian handicrafts.

Lomani Island


Consider the coconut in this Fijian masterclass. Learn how to weave a traditional Fijian basket from coconut leaves, then watch your guide demonstrate how to husk a coconut and make coconut milk.

Paid Activities

At Lomani, we offer a number of water-based activities using our beautiful little boat “Lomani Princess”. These activities can be booked at a fee and include a Sunset Cruise, Cloud 9 trip or an island hopping adventure!

Guests of Lomani Island Resort also have access to various Concessionaires that are based at Plantation Island Resort, which is right next door. These adventures include sky diving, deep sea diving, surfing and many more. Come visit our Activities Bure during your stay to learn more.



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