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Destination? Wedding!

Fall in love in Fiji aboard a romantic sunset cruise

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One of the great things about a trip to Fiji is that there are many ways you can enjoy a romantic evening with your partner. Whether you enjoy watching the waves at the resort restaurant, or you love nothing more than relaxing on the beach with a picnic, Fiji truly accommodates all tastes. But if you’re keen to do something a little out of the ordinary, then why not enjoy a romantic sunset cruise?

Imagine reclining on a cruise yacht with your loved one whilst watching the sunset transform the waves into a sea of pink, orange and yellow. Is there a more romantic way to enjoy Fiji than with a cruise? You’ll be pampered by our professional staff, who pride themselves on their attention to detail and excellent customer service. Speak to your concierge and let us plan an evening to yours and your loved one’s tastes, featuring Malolo Lailai Bay’s best views. Turn your back on the sun and see Malolo Lailai’s shores lit up in gold and amber, and snuggle close to your loved one as the temperature dips under the darkened sky.

Fall in love all over again with our private sunset cruise along the warm turquoise sea. See a new side of Malolo Lailai Bay as the normally turquoise waters transform in the Fijian sunset. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or are simply reconnecting on a lovers getaway, Malolo Lailai’s spectacular beach and ocean views are best experienced with just you and your loved one, relaxing and reclining in style on a private sunset cruise.

Destination? Wedding!

The Flame Tree restaurant

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December in Fiji is truly a time for lovers. Mornings on Mamanuca Island are clear and bright, heavy with heat and ripe with promise. With temperatures up to 35°C/93°F, the mornings are made for lounging together, reconnecting over pillow talk and lingering over coffee. When you finally face the sunlight, breakfast is served to the sounds of the ocean.



December days on Mamanuca Island are quiet and muggy, perfect for lingering in the pool with your loved one. The more adventurous can take full advantage of Fiji’s beautiful national parks, rambunctious water sports, or escape the weather altogether by spending a few hours exploring Fiji’s underwater treasures. When the morning has flown by, wend your way into The Flame Tree, and feast your eyes and your bellies on all the savoury delights Fiji has to offer – plus a few from home as well.



After a lunch like that, there’s nothing to do but sit back and relax for a few hours. Relax by the pool and dive into the latest thriller, stroll along Lomani Island’s private beach, or curl up with your loved one in the privacy of your own bure, savouring each others’ company has the hours slip by.

There’s nothing that crowns a day in paradise quite like a delicious, lingering meal. You’ve spent your day adventuring or relaxing, now take the chance to sit with your loved one in the open air and savour the tastes of your island getaway. Start with a freshly muddled mojito made with local Fijian rum, then savour the tastes of home and away prepared with only the freshest local and imported ingredients.

Savour each bite with a sip of wine and a smile, and when you’ve finished eating, order another cocktail and take in the beautiful spill of stars above.

Destination? Wedding!

Rekindle your relationship with some time away

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Every relationship needs some time out, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Time to reconnect to each other and to the things that brought you together. Time to realise how you’ve grown and changed together. Time to really appreciate each other for who you are, rather than how you always take the bins out or do the dishes.

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember the spark that you once had. With the aforementioned chores, work, family, friends, life gets busy. You might take your partner for granted without realising it, forgetting what a privilege it is to have someone who’s with you through everything, the highs, the lows, the mundanity of life.

A couple’s vacation may just be the answer to rekindling the romance. Forget everyone else except each other and rediscover the excitement of your relationship. Not only can you forget about who’s turn it is to cook dinner or pick the kids up from school, but you can forget about the kids for a moment and really appreciate life with your partner – away from regular life.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to scuba dive, but you live in a landlocked city. Maybe you’re dying to try something new together, but it’s hard to find time when one or the other (or both) of you aren’t tired, busy, or just unexcited because life’s got you down. A holiday together – maybe especially one at a romantic island resort – could be just the thing you need.

Take a holiday. Take time together to remember what it is you love about each other. Find something you can do together. Find something you can not do – together. Disconnect from the rest of the world and make time for each other, for intimacy, for true love.

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Romantic Getaways for Older Couples

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Romantic getaways aren’t just for young lovers. Couples of all ages deserve to take some time out to relax and enjoy quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And why not enjoy the conveniences of a highly rated resort as well as the beauty of an island retreat?

Fiji has wonderful local cuisine, and there are many chances to step out and try something new while you’re here. But there are also a wide variety of Western comfort foods, so that even though you may be far from home, you still have the comfort of an indulgence you know you’ll enjoy.

One of the best parts about travelling while older is that you have the leisure of choosing the time that best suits you, which can be outside of peak time. Some of the most popular travel destinations for older people are just as enjoyable outside the high times of spring and summer. For many island destinations, the temperature is fairly constant throughout the year, and choosing just a few weeks outside of peak tourist season could mean a quieter, more relaxing stay – and maybe some great deals if you’re lucky.

Resorts are a great way to enjoy that time you’ve planned away from kids, grandkids and newly retired friends with too much time on their hands. Spas and wellness programs abound in tropical resorts like Lomani Island Resort, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the services with or without your partner. We know that many older couples just want to enjoy their well-deserved time off and be pampered – and a couple’s massage or a tailored spa treatment is just the way to do that. Maybe your spouse can have a round of golf while you get a facial, and you can round it all off with a walk on a semi-private beach at sunset.


Destination? Wedding!

Dive in and discover the magic

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Fiji is famous for its lush rainforests, sparkling turquoise waters, and swathes of pristine white beach. But look closer and you’ll find that some of Fiji’s most spectacular scenery can be found beneath its sparkling waters. Underneath those warm waves lurks an entire world of colour and life, and to experience it is to experience the best that Fiji has to offer.

Fiji’s reefs offer an amazing diving experience. Among the best reasons to dive in Fiji is the immense amount of coral found across the archipelago’s reefs. Fiji has been called the “Soft Coral Capital of the World,” – rather appropriately, as there are 390 known types of coral here! And the coral in Fiji isn’t just diverse; it’s also incredibly colourful and abundant, supporting a huge range of marine plants, fish, and even the occasional reptile.

If it’s spectacular coral you wish to see, you can’t go past the Astrolabe Reef off Kadavu Island. The Astrolabe Reef is the fourth-largest in the world, over 65km long, and is one of the world’s premier diving locations. Kadavu Island is one of Fiji’s little-known gems. Its small but strong eco-tourist industry is run entirely by local families, and the island is completely void of both resorts and tourists.

Bligh Waters, near Rakiraki off Fiji’s largest island of Viti Levu, offers some of Fiji’s best fish- and turtle- spotting. The best sites here are only available by boat, so ask your concierge or travel agent to recommend a diving company to get you there. Subsurface Fiji is one of Fiji’s main diving companies, and offers a wide range of PADI certification options to get you diving quickly and safely. Whether you’re a complete beginner or it’s just been a few years since your last dive, Subsurface offers half- to full- day courses designed to get you out there and enjoying the very best views Fiji has to offer.

Destination? Wedding!

Spa bliss in a beach bure

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We’ve all experienced it. You’ve handed your work over, your bags are spilling out onto your resort suite’s floor, and you’re finally alone with your significant other. But for some reason, you just can’t relax.

It’s a cliché because it’s true – daily life is a grind. We’re constantly busy, attached to one screen or another, and always on call, ready and waiting to tackle the next disaster. This constant stress is hell on our bodies, leading to dull skin, low energy, and high stress levels.

You know it’s a problem – that’s why you’re here in Fiji. A few days of surf, sand, and sun are sure to leave you relaxed, glowing, and reconnected with your partner and yourself, ready to dive back into your daily life with a renewed sense of purpose.

Switch off that nagging little voice with an afternoon getting pampered in an open-air beach bure. Spend quality time with your spouse, soak in some sun and sea air, and let our qualified massage and beauty professionals put together a pamper package that will kickstart your adults-only Fiji retreat.

This is truly where the magic happens. Sea, sun, and fresh air combine with the perfect amount of privacy to enable you to disconnect from your stresses and reconnect with your significant other.

Embrace the relaxed tempo of island life with a deep tissue or sports massage, and marvel at the glow in your skin brought out by locally made Pure Fiji spa products. Pure Fiji harnesses South Pacific Islanders’ ancient knowledge, using all-natural, all-local coconut milk and coconut oil to hydrate your skin and beat back skin-dulling bacteria and inflammation.

Get into that relaxed holiday mindset by starting off with a couple of hours of quiet pampering in one of our open-air beachfront bures. It’s the best Fiji has to offer.

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Your own drop pool and beachfront paradise

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I’m going on holiday at a resort in Fiji. What images do these words conjure up in your mind? Be specific. Spare no expense – this is your daydream, after all.

You’re probably thinking soft white sand and rolling waves gently coming in to kiss the shore. The beach is maybe ten feet from your room – maybe a little further, just to ensure absolute privacy. You want a gigantic bed, super comfortable, with someone else to change the sheets, if you don’t mind.

Let’s go further. You’ve got buckets of privacy, so how about an outdoor shower? It’s got to be in a beautiful courtyard to enjoy the warmth of a brand new sunrise. You can see the stars from here, after the sky shows off a glorious sunset. White walls, dark stones that are smooth under your feet. Let’s pop some greenery in there to remind you of where you are (as if you could forget).

Near the outdoor shower there has to be a deck to lounge on with your choice of beverage. The beach is in sight, but in case you don’t want to get sand everywhere, you’ll want a private pool in which to soak. It doesn’t have to be big – there’s only you, and maybe one special person to share it with.

What’s the most important part of a beach getaway? The complete absence of anything to worry about – not kids, not work, not chores – nothing but what to do next and how to stay here forever.

If you’re thinking that there can be no place like this – there is nowhere this perfect – you’re wrong. Lomani Island’s Beachfront Pool Bures are the absolute top choice for a perfect Fiji holiday. We now have a total of ten bures with private pools for you to enjoy with your significant other, or even as a perfect getaway for one — in which case you can spread out on that gigantic bed and take the covers all for yourself!

Five-star Fijian food

Five-star Fijian food

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Fiji is a magnificent island, brimming with sun, surf, and culture. When you think of Fijian culture, you can probably name a couple of must-have experiences – beautiful island crafts; Fiji’s dramatic fire walking ceremonies; kava, a drink shared in traditional communal celebrations and derived from the roots of the kava crop and lovo, a Fijian feast of meat and root vegetables cooked in the coals of an outdoor oven. As with most cultures, Fijian daily life is wrapped up in food – growing it, cooking it, eating it, and sharing it. To embrace a nation’s culture is to dive in belly first, and Fiji is brimming with amazing foods just waiting for you to experience them.


A nation’s food is the epitome of it’s culture, bringing together it’s long history, variety of cultural influences, and the best local and imported ingredients to make each plate a summary of where a nation has been, and where it’s going.


The traditional way of eating in Fiji is home cooked and made with locally-grown, barely-modified ingredients. If you’re heading off to a village visit, this is what you’ll see. Fresh local vegetables and seafood sourced from local markets manned by the farmers and fishers themselves, and if you can experience a local Food Safari you’ll be brought from market to farm to kitchen to gather, prepare, and cook your own traditional Fijian dish.

Another great way to experience a nation’s food culture is to eat its street food. Food that is fast, fresh, and easy to eat on the go is a mainstay of every nation on earth, and enables you to sample the most simplified version of a nation’s food identity,

Five-star and influential restaurants blur the line between traditional and modern ways of cooking and eating to give you truly exceptional food. Whether you’re glamming it up in a resort or sharing a backpackers’ dorm with 10 other travellers, splurging on a fancy dinner that encapsulates a nation’s history while demonstrating its present and embracing its future, and makes for a truly memorable travel experience.

Designing the perfect romantic getaway

Designing the perfect romantic getaway

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Every relationship needs some love and care every now and then, and in our travel-hungry world, romantic getaways have become a staple of the long-term relationship. There’s nothing quite like being alone with your lover in a place that isn’t home, exploring new surrounds and connecting more fully than is possible when surrounded by the pressures of jobs, families, and everyday life.

Everyone envisions something different when they think romantic getaway. But whether you’re after a city adventure, country escape, or beach break, there’s probably a few things you expect: privacy. Romance. A few moments of quiet, and maybe a few of adventure. Space to reconnect. And the reassurance that everything will go smoothly, so you can focus on your partner, not on your trip.

Not to be biased, but beach resorts have all of these in spades. You can alternate lazy mornings on the beach with adventure-filled afternoons snorkelling, water-skiing, or hiking. Your accommodation is private, and all your meals are organised.

This gives you and your partner room to stay in bed late, have long conversations about nothing, and take advantage of all the benefits your chosen hotel or resort can offer – including room service and kid-free areas. If you like a bit of action, see what activities are available – local museums, hiking, or snorkelling can be just the thing to frame those long evenings and lazy mornings. If that sounds like too much action, consider a short walk along the beach to take advantage of the local sunset. If you have an idea for a romantic activity, such as a sunset picnic on the sand, resort staff can usually accommodate you.

A romantic getaway at a beautiful resort can be the ultimate guilt-free, stress-free holiday. It has everything you need to allow you and your partner to relax and reconnect, in the say that suits you best.



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A luxury destination wedding is all in the details

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When planning a truly special day, there’s nothing quite as romantic as a luxury destination wedding. Surrounded by sea, sun, and your very favourite people, a destination wedding is truly something to remember – and be remembered by.

We all know the things that make a wedding tick – perfect weather, excellent location, delicious food, gorgeous dress – but the thing that really elevates a wedding from formal vacation to luxury romantic escape is the detail. The difference between seat sashes and tiny posies is a small one, but it’s things like this that make your special day one your guests will truly remember.

Tie your theme to your location – but not too tightly!

You’re having a destination wedding – of course your destination is the theme! But try not to go too crazy with the Pacific-chic look – too much fringing will make your reception look like a bad period film. Offset your beautiful location with details made from local woods, offset by one of your favourite home decorating tricks such as eye-catching burnished metal. Chic, local, and still oh-so-you – perfect!

Keep it local

Ask your wedding planner or local liaison to scour local shops and marketplaces for the perfect I-Do-Day touches. Locally-made jewellery makes a beautiful bridesmaid’s gift, and using glassware, centrepieces, or even a reception outfit made by a local supports the economy and will make a beautiful wedding memento that can double as a party conversation starter for years to come.

More than just flowers

When planning your flowers for the day, keep your mind open. There’s more to your dream destination than frangipanis and dyed orange peonies, and you’ll never know what kind of impact some well-placed greenery or stunning local flora may have.