Designing the Perfect Romantic Getaway


Every relationship needs some love and care every now and then, and in our travel-hungry world, romantic getaways have become a staple of the long-term relationship. There’s nothing quite like being alone with your lover in a place that isn’t home, exploring new surrounds and connecting more fully than is possible when surrounded by the pressures of jobs, families, and everyday life.

Everyone envisions something different when they think romantic getaway. But whether you’re after a city adventure, country escape, or beach break, there’s probably a few things you expect: privacy. Romance. A few moments of quiet, and maybe a few of adventure. Space to reconnect. And the reassurance that everything will go smoothly, so you can focus on your partner, not on your trip.

Not to be biased, but beach resorts have all of these in spades. You can alternate lazy mornings on the beach with adventure-filled afternoons snorkelling, water-skiing, or hiking. Your accommodation is private, and all your meals are organised.

This gives you and your partner room to stay in bed late, have long conversations about nothing, and take advantage of all the benefits your chosen hotel or resort can offer – including room service and kid-free areas. If you like a bit of action, see what activities are available – local museums, hiking, or snorkelling can be just the thing to frame those long evenings and lazy mornings. If that sounds like too much action, consider a short walk along the beach to take advantage of the local sunset. If you have an idea for a romantic activity, such as a sunset picnic on the sand, resort staff can usually accommodate you.

A romantic getaway at a beautiful resort can be the ultimate guilt-free, stress-free holiday. It has everything you need to allow you and your partner to relax and reconnect, in the say that suits you best.