Hitting the Waves


Big waves, big fun. If you’re up for hanging 10 then you’re in for a treat at Lomani, among the best Fiji resorts for couples who don’t mind whetting their appetite for adventure on the mighty Pacific’s waves.  Lomani is only 20 minutes by boat to some of the world’s best surf breaks. Transfers can be arranged through the resort.

But be warned: these particular surfing waves break over coral reef and can be dangerous. They’re best suited to experienced or expert surfers only and beginners should steer clear. Importantly, guests who choose to surf do so at their own risk and are required to sign a waiver before being taken to the surf.

The Lomani team suggests surfers should bring a larger board as the reef surf can be very powerful. Board hire isn’t available on the island.

The Lexmee Evening Star departs the island everyday during high tide. You can choose to visit one of 7 reef breaks, depending on which has the better surf and on your surfing skill level.


“A world-class left reef pass regularly voted one of the 10 most challenging waves in the world. ”

Cloudbreak (advanced)

“When the wind and swell aren't perfect for Namotu Left or Cloudbreak, they can be just right for “Tavy” Rights”

Tavarua Right

“A long, often hollow and perfect left along a reef directly in front of the restaurant on Tavarua.”


“Gets its name from the colours: it's a clear, bright blue, much like a swimming pool. ”

Swimming Pools

“Namotu Left is a world-class reef break that's more forgiving than it's fearsome neighbour Cloudbreak. ”

Namotu Left

“A powerful right barrel that breaks on the southern tip of a long barrier reef.”

Wilkes Right

“A right and left peak that breaks off a point. The go-to spot if the ocean is having an off day.”

Desperation (advanced)

The Lowdown on


Departure times/days for pre-booked surf transfers can be decided upon arrival. Surfers may upgrade pre-booked surf transfers or pay for additional transfers on the island by paying the price difference directly. Pre-booked trips are non-refundable.

Surfing trips take 15-30 minutes to reach the break, you then spend 3 hours surfing before returning. The entire trip takes approximately 4 hours. On some days the tour will go twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon.

$FJ76 pp

for Wilkes, Swimming Pools, Restaurants, Namotu Left and Tavarua Right (intermediate surfers)

$FJ99 pp

for Cloudbreak and Desperations (advanced surfers)

FJ$385 pp

Includes 3 x transfers to Wilkes/Swimming pools/Namotu plus 2 transfers to Cloud break. Cannot be split between surfers. Unutilised trips are non-refundable.