A couples’ guide to Lomani Island Resort and Spa


One of the most popular ways that couples can relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect is with a couples’ massage at Lomani Island Resort Spa.

Designed with you and your body in mind, a couples’ massage will treat your mind, body and spirit. Imagine listening to the hush of the waves and feeling the sea breeze through your hair as a qualified massage therapist works sweet-smelling coconut oil into your sunwarmed skin, massaging all your cares away. That is a couples’ massage at Lomani Island Spa.

Love one another

Veilomani is a Fijian expression meaning love one another. It represents the importance Fijians place on supporting one another, whether in a couple, a family, or a community, through good times and bad.

Our Veilomani Massage is designed to support you, your loved one, and both your bodies through good times and bad. We use a combination of traditional massage techniques to relieve muscle tension and encourage relaxation, restoring harmony and peace to mind and body. Enrich your skin with the healing properties of coconut oil and pineapple, both high in vitamin C and antioxidants to heal and replenish your sun-soaked skin.

Traditional healing

Fijian Bobo Massage is a traditional healing treatment, passed down from generation to generation. These traditional techniques are designed to improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation throughout your body, enhancing your body’s natural detoxifying measures and leaving you energised and refreshed. Our unique blend of cold-pressed coconut virgin oil is produced by Pure Fiji. Coconut virgin oil is a powerful agent which enhances the skin’s own repair mechanism, soothes irritation and promotes healthy skin growth.

Your Fiji couples’ adventure is about relaxing, reconnecting, and forgetting the world for a little while – let the magic of Lomani Island Resort Spa help you achieve your goals. Heal your skin, soothe your muscles, and reconnect with your loved one amidst the most beautiful sea views in the world.