At Lomani Island Resort, the community we live in and the environment we prosper under are of utmost importance to us. Our mission is to protect the Fijian way of life and preserve the natural beauty of this beautiful country. We have implemented a number of initiatives to do so and have many more in the pipeline, we are proud to share these with you.


We are commited to a greener Fiji, and we are making changes aroundLomani Island Resort to support this.

Drinking water

You will receive 2x 1.5l bottles of drinking water each day when your room is serviced, additional water is available to be purchased from the bar, restaurant or store.

Water Usage

Water scarcity is a recognised global problem, and it is certainly a challenge on Malolo Laila Island. At Lomani Island Resort, we do everything we can to conserve water and there are a number of ways that you can help during your stay witn us:

Turning off the Tap

Did you know that keeping the tap on whilst brushing your teeth can use up to 800 litres of water per room per month? Please help us by turning off the tap whilst you are in the process of brushing your teeth.

Pool Towels

Whilst you are free to change your pool towels whenever you wish, we recommend that you keep your towel throughout the day. This helps minimise washing and water usage,

Room Towels

You can help us conserve water by not having the towels in your room washed every day. If you would like your towels to be changed, please leave them on the floor.

Inflatable Toys

If you bring inflatable beach or pool toys, we ask that you please take them back with you to your home. Most plastic does not biodegrade and there is a high risk of damaging Fijis precious environment.


Fiji’s coral reefs, like those around the world, are under immense stress from the impacts of pollution, invasive species, and the climate crisis. Our coral gardening project on Malolo Lai Lai Island, in partnership with Corals for Conservation, aims to bring attention to this issue by getting guests involved in the restoration and protection of the coral reefs surrounding the Resort.

Our coral nurseries are scattered all around the reefs surrounding Malolo Lai Lai Bay, allowing them to grow in their natural environment before being transplanted onto the reefs themselves.

Trap Neuter Release (TNR) Program

Every 6 – 12 months, Lomani Island Resort works with local charity Animals Fiji ( and our neighbours Plantation Island Resort and Musket Cove Island Resort, to conduct a Trap Neuter Release (TNR) program to de-sex the stray cat population on Malolo Lailai Island.

The TNR program allows us to de-sex all our resident cats and feed them every morning + night to keep them happy, healthy and they will help us keep rodents at the Resort in check.

Animals Fiji do fantastic work for animals in need. Please donate to this wonderful charity by clicking:


Fiji is leading the charge in the Pacific region to minimise the harm that plastics are doing to our natural environment. The Fijian government has partnered with nations including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, and the United States to export plastic waste for recycling, including a buyback agreement with Coca-Cola Amatil.

We are committed to minimising the amount of plastic waste we produce. Plastic shopping bags are banned at Lomani. When you check in, you’ll receive a complimentary reuseable canvas bag – perfect for transporting shopping, wet beach towels, and much more. We’ve also stopped offering plastic straws with your drinks and cocktails. If you need a straw, please ask – the one you get will be made of paper, and much easier to recycle.

We have also committed to recycling all plastic bottles used and collected on our grounds. If you need to dispose of a plastic bottle, please use the recycling bins provided so we can ensure it makes its way to the proper recycling facility.