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Preserving Fiji’s future

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Sustainability at Lomani Island Resort

Waste and pollution has been identified as one of the greatest threats to sustainable development throughout the Pacific region. Nine percent of Fiji’s waste stream has been estimated to be plastics, mostly snack packs, PET bottles, and plastic bags. That 9% comes to about 168.4t.

It’s estimated that up to 135t of this plastic waste is mismanaged, ending up on roadsides, in storm drains, and ultimately making its way to the ocean. From there, each piece of plastic does one of three things: it floats on the surface of the ocean, endangering wildlife who may eat it or become entangled; it sinks, littering shallow ocean beds; or it washes up on beaches across the globe, where it comprises between 50-80% of the ocean debris on any given beach.

On the bright side, accumulation of plastic rubbish in the environment is completely avoidable. Proper waste management, public awareness campaigns to prevent littering, and minimising plastic use can all contribute to reducing overall plastic waste and litter.

Fiji is leading the charge in the Pacific region to minimise the harm that plastics are doing to our natural environment. The Fijian government has partnered with nations including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, and the United States to export plastic waste for recycling, including a buyback agreement with Coca-Cola Amatil.

On a local level, Lomani Island Resort is committed to minimising the amount of plastic waste we produce. Throughout the resort, plastic shopping bags are banned. When you check in to Lomani Island, you’ll receive a complimentary reuseable canvas bag to use throughout our stay – perfect for transporting shopping, wet beach towels, and much more. We’ve also stopped offering plastic straws with your drinks and cocktails. If you need a straw, please ask – the one you get will be made of paper, and much easier to recycle.

Lastly, Lomani Island Resort has committed to recycling all plastic bottles used and collected on our grounds. If you need to dispose of a PET plastic bottle, please use the recycling bins provided, so we can ensure it makes its way to the proper recycling facility.


Zen and the Art of Resting with Intention

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While the word “zen” derives from Buddhism, colloquially it has become deeply connected with wellbeing. It conjures up images of total relaxation and restfulness, a peacefulness with your life and everything in it.

If you’re looking at booking a tropical island getaway, you’re probably looking for the “zen” kind of rest. But not all rest is created equal, and while you might be looking forward to spending whole days lounging by the pool with a book, chances are your body and mind need a bit more than that to recharge properly.

Depending on what kind of rest you need, you’ll probably be experiencing specific symptoms. If you’re snapping at your spouse or getting angry at other drivers on the road, you’re probably in need of emotional rest. Recharge by connecting deeply with someone who you can unload on, or tucking yourself away to meditate or journal – really let those emotions flow.

That poolside scenario we described earlier? That’s physical rest: being gentle with your body and mind and focusing wholly on energy recuperation. Taking a nap, indulging with a relaxing massage, and ensuring you get a good nights’ sleep are all great ways of resting that recharge your physical batteries.

A need for mental rest is probably what gave you the idea of a tropical getaway in the first place. Your mind is cluttered, and you can’t clear it enough to focus on work, plan your day, or answer the ten urgent emails sitting in your inbox.

Rest your mind by turning off your screen and moving your body. A snorkelling tour, afternoon of surfing, or a gentle walk on the beach are all great ways of giving yourself some well-deserved mental rest.

Get the most out of your tropical getaway and achieve true zen, peace, and tranquillity by listening to your body, fulfilling its needs, and achieving true, regenerating rest.

Lomani Island Resort is world renowned for its peace and tranquillity and if you want to indulge in experiences during your stay, our team will help find the right activity for you.

The new Lomani

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Renovations starting March 2020

Lomani Island Resort is excited to announce plans for the next phase of its redevelopment in early 2020. The Resort will be closed completely from 9 March 2020 until 31 May 2020 for an extensive public area refurbishment.

Following on from works completed throughout 2018 and 2019 to improve our room, restaurant and garden offerings, in 2020 we’ll be upgrading and rebuilding our reception area, public pool, and bar area.

Each of our 30 private suites and bures is newly renovated, featuring unimpeded ocean views, beach access, and beautiful local fittings. Each includes a private outdoor area where you and your loved one can retreat to utter privacy.

When your day of adventuring or relaxing is done, the brand-new Flame Tree Restaurant has a menu designed with the freshest Fiji produce in mind, blurring the line between traditional and modern ways of cooking and eating to give you truly exceptional food at every meal.

Our current works will begin on 9 March 2020 and continue through to 31 May 2020. We’ll be demolishing and upgrading our guest reception area to give you a truly welcoming Fijian experience, including smooth transfers to and from the Malolo Cat ferry.

Our outdoor guest pool area will also receive a total upgrade, from the tiling to the gardens and everything in between. Whether you’re after a quick splash, some loving horseplay with your significant other, or just a lounge chair on which to while away another perfect Fijian afternoon, our new and improved pool area will cater to your every need.

Last, but certainly not least, our 2020 renovations will include a brand new bar. Complete with signature cocktails, lounging and socialising areas, and a new menu of snacks and nibbles, the new Lomani bar will be the perfect complement to your pre-dinner drinks.

Book now to be among the first to experience Lomani Island’s brand-new reception, pool area, and bar. Available from 1 June 2020.

Dre Ko Malolo: Malolo is the island where the sun comes to rest

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Fiji has long been known as a tourist destination, a place where the weary traveller can rest, relax, and be rejuvenated by sun, sea, and hospitality. But long before its reputation as a tourist destination was cemented, indigenous Fijians would turn their eyes to the west each afternoon, looking to where the sun appeared to rest upon Malolo Island.

Indigenous Fijians believe that Malolo was an island especially created by the gods where the sun would come and rest after a day of wandering. Every Fijian, irrespective of what island they hail from, knows that at the end of the day, wherever you are in Fiji, the sun will always come to rest on Malolo Island.

Katonimana: 3,500 years of peace and prosperity

Settlement in Fiji stretches back almost three and a half thousand years ago, when Melanesian voyagers sailed west and settled the Pacific islands of Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and Fiji. Legend has it that the great seafaring warrior Chief Lutanasobasoba sailed his giant double-hulled canoe Kaunitoni south from Egypt in search of bountiful seas and rich lands where his people could call home.

Alongside families, warriors, and skilled craftsmen, the Kaunitoni carried something truly precious: the Katanimana, the Box of Blessings. Rough seas around Malolo Island caused the Katonimana to be lost to the ocean. To this day it remains buried in the seabed, bringing peace, prosperity, and good fortune to all of Fiji.

Trade, commerce, and European settlement

The first Europeans came across the prosperous Fiji Islands in 1643, completely by accident. Abel Tasman stumbled across Fiji on his way to discovering the Great Southern Continent, and James Cook sailed through in 1774 in search of the same place. From there, many British sailors settled and traded among the Fijian islands, bringing sandalwood and sea cucumber to the rest of the world.

Amidst a climate of social unrest among and between indigenous Fijians, British settlors, and the descendants of indentured Indian plantation workers, which ebbed and flowed throughout the 19th, 20th, and now 21st centuries, in 1872 the Nadroga chief Ratu Kini sold the uninhabited island of Malolo Lailai to John Thomson for cotton planting, a mere two years before British Governor Sir Aurthur Gordon banned the sale of Fijian land to non-Fijians in an effort to protect the local indigenous population. After some time as a cotton, coconut, and copra plantation, the island was sold in the 1960s to Richard “Dick” Smith, Sir Ian MacFarlane, and Reginald Raffe, who parted ways in the early 1970s to develop their own parts of the island. It was then that Lomani Island Resort was first developed as a lush adults-only resort where travellers could come to seek adventure, relaxation, and some time away from the world.

Get the most out of Fiji in every season

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Fiji’s climate ranges from tropical to equatorial, meaning that beautiful sunshine, mild to warm temperatures, and light, localised rainfall are always a feature.

Fiji’s tropical climate means that it doesn’t have ‘seasons’ in the same sense that other more northerly or southerly nations do. Instead, Fiji has a distinct winter – or dry season – and summer – or wet season – with climate and weather remaining fairly predictable within those two periods.

The average temperature in Fiji is 25°C/77°F, but it can climb to above 30°C/86°F in summer and sink to 18°C/64°F in winter. Water temperatures are also quite steady, averaging around 27°C/81°F throughout the year.

Summer: December – April

Summer in Fiji is the wet season, characterised by higher temperatures, higher rainfall, and great surfing. Most of Fiji’s annual rainfall occurs during these months, in the form of heavy, brief local showers. Annual rainfall on the main islands is between 2000mm and 3000mm on the coast and low-lying areas, and up to 6000mm in the mountains.

Smaller islands such as Malolo Lailai will typically get less rainfall than larger ones. Depending on where they are and what their size is, rainfall on the smaller islands ranges from 1500mm to 3500mm.

A side effect of all these storms is great surfing, as swells increase in size and frequency. While you’ll still be able to leave the wetsuit at home, be sure to keep an eye on swell reports and only surf the larger breaks if you’re confident and experienced with them.

Pack light clothes made from natural fibers, a sun hat, a scarf for the breeze, a light sweatshirt for the evening, and a light raincoat or umbrella. As with all humid climates, mosquitoes will be more prevalent throughout the wet season, so be sure to bring your favourite DEET-free mosquito repellent – DEET has been known to mix poorly with many sunscreens, making them less effective and even turning toxic.

Winter: June – October

The cooler temperatures, great underwater visibility, and low rainfall of a Fijian winter make it the ideal time to experience all that Fiji has to offer – which also means it’s peak travel season. Mild temperatures and gentler swells mean that this time of year is perfect for all types of activities, including hiking, village visits, and resort activities. You’ll only need to pack lightweight clothes for the day, but be sure to include a scarf for the breeze, a sweatshirt for the evening, and a light raincoat or umbrella, just in case.

Winter is the best time for underwater activities, as visibility is at its highest for both snorkelers and SCUBA divers. When going to the reef, you can bring your own snorkelling equipment if you prefer, or your resort will have some to rent. Include water shoes or rubber-soled shoes to protect your feet from those sharp reefs.

A Couples’ Guide to Lomani Island Resort Spa

A Couples’ Guide to Lomani Island Resort Spa

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One of the most popular ways that couples can relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect is with a couples’ massage at Lomani Island Resort Spa.

Designed with you and your body in mind, a couples’ massage will treat your mind, body and spirit. Imagine listening to the hush of the waves and feeling the sea breeze through your hair as a qualified massage therapist works sweet-smelling coconut oil into your sunwarmed skin, massaging all your cares away. That is a couples’ massage at Lomani Island Spa.

Love one another

Veilomani is a Fijian expression meaning love one another. It represents the importance Fijians place on supporting one another, whether in a couple, a family, or a community, through good times and bad.

Our Veilomani Massage is designed to support you, your loved one, and both your bodies through good times and bad. We use a combination of traditional massage techniques to relieve muscle tension and encourage relaxation, restoring harmony and peace to mind and body. Enrich your skin with the healing properties of coconut oil and pineapple, both high in vitamin C and antioxidants to heal and replenish your sun-soaked skin.

Traditional healing

Fijian Bobo Massage is a traditional healing treatment, passed down from generation to generation. These traditional techniques are designed to improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation throughout your body, enhancing your body’s natural detoxifying measures and leaving you energised and refreshed. Our unique blend of cold-pressed coconut virgin oil is produced by Pure Fiji. Coconut virgin oil is a powerful agent which enhances the skin’s own repair mechanism, soothes irritation and promotes healthy skin growth.

Your Fiji couples’ adventure is about relaxing, reconnecting, and forgetting the world for a little while – let the magic of Lomani Island Resort Spa help you achieve your goals. Heal your skin, soothe your muscles, and reconnect with your loved one amidst the most beautiful sea views in the world.

Travel like a local

Travel like a local

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How to get the best information for your romantic Fiji getaway

Part of the adventure of travel is what you find along the way – but it pays to be well prepared. Before you set off on your dream Fiji holiday, do a little work to get to know this beautiful nation of islands before you get here. From the smile you get when you return a local’s ‘Bula!’ to the ease of already knowing which snorkelling tour suits you and your loved one best, you’ll be surprised at how much difference a few hours of research can make. Find out how to get the best information quickly below.

Read widely

Lonely Planet is number one for quality, well-researched travel information – but it’s not the only name in travel anymore. Your local bookstore’s travel section will be stuffed full of different travel guides, each designed to serve a different need.

If you don’t fancy spending your whole travel budget on travel guides, blogs are your friend. Googling “honeymoon Fiji” will set you up with days worth of tips, tricks, and insider knowledge – and you never know which one will be the tidbit that turns your romantic Fiji getaway from “wow” to unforgettable.

Join the conversation

Most businesses are on social media now, and joining in the conversation can be the easiest way to read reviews, ask questions, and get advice from holidaymakers who have already been where you’re going.

At Lomani Island Resort, we’ve turned our Facebook page from a marketing tool into a community of satisfied holidaymakers. Like and follow us on Facebook to share in the romantic stories, hilarious Fiji adventures, and quality advice from singles, couples, and groups who have visited and loved Lomani Island Resort.

We’d love to celebrate 2019 with 10,000 Facebook likes – and we need your help. Pop over to our Facebook page and like us, or share our stories with your friends. Everyone needs a little bit of paradise in their lives, and you can share in the love every day with the Lomani Island Facebook page.


3 Romantic Ways to Enjoy Lomani Island Resort

3 Romantic Ways to Enjoy Lomani Island Resort

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Love thrives at Lomani Island Resort. Whether you’re on your first big holiday together, starting the rest of your lives at your destination wedding, or celebrating your mutual retirement, the swaying palm trees, fresh salt breeze, and sparkling beaches are the perfect backdrop for a trip filled with romance.

Pause, reconnect, and feel your love renew with these three tips:

Indulge in a Soothing Spa Treatment

Nothing says sensual like an open-air spa treatment. Whether you go for a couple’s massage, get your nails buffed, or enjoy the body- and mind-healing properties of a full-body wrap treatment, a spa treatment at Lomani Island Resort’s open-air spa bure will slow you down to Fiji time and give you and your partner valuable time to relax and reconnect, surrounded by the beauty of Malolo Lailai Bay.

Relax in your Private Plunge Pool

For something a little more one-on-one, retreat from the world into your own private bure. Tastefully screened from the resort proper, Lomani Island Resort’s Beachfront Pool Bures offer pure sunbathing bliss in the form of day beds on your very own sundeck overlooking Malolo Lailai bay, and a private plunge pool to relax in.

Engage in some resort activities

The crystal-clear waters of Malolo Lailai Bay beckon you and your loved one out of the relaxing shade and onto Fiji’s real playground – the ocean. Enjoy one of our free resort-based activities, or follow the sea’s siren call on a surfing, diving, or watersporting tour. Indulge your sense of adventure and create memories you and your loved one will treasure for a lifetime.

Take the plunge at Lomani Island

Take the plunge at Lomani Island

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Fiji is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway for two. With it’s sugar-white sand, perfect turquoise beaches, and the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation, there’s nowhere else in the world as perfect to slow down and reconnect with your perfect person.

It’s no secret that Lomani Island Resort is designed for couples – couples in love, couples looking to renew love, couples looking to discover love. Discover everything you need and more for the perfect romantic getaway in your own private Beachfront Pool Bure.

It’s convenient

Your holiday is just for the two of you, but if you need to stretch your legs, grab a meal, or order some fresh towels, all the conveniences of resort living are just moments away. A short walk will take you and your loved one to the public pool area, restaurant, reception area, and to Fiji’s famous beach. And if you don’t fancy any company at all, spend your days sunbathing on your own private deck, and we’ll bring the conveniences to you.

It’s private

This romantic getaway is about the two of you, and the last thing you need is interruptions from housekeeping, screaming kids, or some other couple’s romancing distracting you from your own. In a private beachfront pool bure, coconut leaves and lush tropical gardens ensure that your private pool is truly private. Feel free to enjoy every precious moment to its fullest with the assurance that whatever transpires will be perfectly concealed – just for the two of you.

It’s made for romance

Between the lush vegetation creating absolute privacy, your own sundeck on which to enjoy the Fijian sunshine, and your own private plunge pool to dive into whenever things get a little… heated, Lomani Island’s Beachfront Pool Bures exude romance. Wake up every morning and look out over the stunning Malolo Lailai Bay, and feel your romance reawaken with every passing moment.

Home away from home

Home away from home

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Even more than the food you eat or the sights you see, the room you stay in has an impact on your whole holiday. Where you start your day will frame your whole Fijian adventure, and for a romantic retreat for two, you know you’ll want the best.

At Lomani Island Resort, you’ll be staying in one of only 30 newly-renovated private suites and bures, each with unimpeded ocean views, beach access, and beautiful local fittings. With paradise right at your fingertips, you can stop worrying about the real world and sink into your dream Fiji holiday.

Take the plunge

Mere footsteps away from the sugar-white Fijian sand, our private Poolside Beach Bures offer pure Fiji bliss exactly the way you like it. With beach access and a private plunge pool, you don’t need to choose between ocean adventure and poolside luxury – spend your day doing a little of both, then relax on your private poolside daybeds and share a cocktail with your loved one.

Beachfront Bures

Wake up every morning with the sound of the sea in your ears and the beach only footsteps away – our Beachfront Bures are 65 sqm of pure Fijian luxury. Large private sun decks provide a perfect private retreat for your morning coffee or afternoon cocktail, where you and your partner can take in the view and bask in the beautiful Fijian sunshine.

Hibiscus Suite

Feel at home while you’re away with the best in open-plan living, offer breathtaking ocean views and private sun decks on which to take them in. Enjoy breakfast with your loved one in your California king bed, or retreat from the bustle of the resort proper to rinse off in your private outdoor shower and sun-dry on the deck with a much-deserved cocktail.

Deluxe Suite

Your Lomani Island retreat should be catered to your needs – that’s why our Deluxe Suites offer separate sleeping and living spaces as well as a private patio or balcony from which to enjoy the stunning views of Malolo Lailai Bay.