COVID-19 Update

By May 27, 2020Blog
Lomani Island

A very warm Bula Vinaka to all our past guests, as well as those who are dreaming of a visit in the near future.

Over the past few months, we have all experienced dramatic and significant changes to our daily lives.

The pace at which things went from normal to disrupted, and now to what some are calling the “new normal” has been breathtaking to say the least.

Even in our beautiful tropical paradise of Fiji, where we encourage visitors to slow down and unwind, many of us have been swept along and forced to change and adapt at an incredibly fast pace.

Some good news however is that Fiji has been spared any significant outbreak of the coronavirus. Whilst we had a small number of cases initially, these were swiftly and effectively isolated. At time of writing there were only three active cases left in Fiji and all were expected to make a full recovery.

We had just begun a planned three-month closure of Lomani when the recent events began to unfold. We were just beginning a major redevelopment of the Resort’s central facilities and suddenly found the entire project was at risk of not being able to go ahead.

As the situation quickly escalated, we implemented a self-imposed quarantine on the island to ensure there was no risk to the staff that were still on site.

Whilst this ensured the health and safety of the small team that were still on the island, it created some significant challenges for the redevelopment project. Building materials were suddenly delayed and all the workers employed by our contractor were now subject to the strict quarantine rules; no-one in, no-one out.

With the island quarantine now lifted, the project is well underway and will be finished by early September. Once completed, Lomani will feature a stunning new Reception & Lobby Bure, plus fully refurbished pool, and a luxe poolside Bar Bure.

Positioned in the middle of the Resort, these new facilities will sit alongside our cool and casual open-air Restaurant, surrounded by lush landscaped gardens and swaying coconut palms.

We are excited to be heading into this new era for Lomani Island Resort and the team are already working on a brand new welcome song to sing their greeting to you very soon!

Until then, sota tale, stay safe and we will see you soon.

Bradley Robinson
Chief Executive Officer
Raffe Hotels & Resorts


Health & Hygiene upgrades at Lomani Island Resort

All over the world, Hotels & Resorts are re-inventing how we will do business when holidays and travel begin to return to normal.

Central to this is a significant focus how we can better safeguard the health and safety of guests and staff.

At Lomani Island Resort, we are currently working through sweeping upgrades to many aspects of our daily operations.

Although the Resort will still feature the same warmth and Bula spirit that we are famous for, you will notice some changes and improvements when you next visit.

Check-In will be a quicker process as we move toward developing pre-arrival and self-check-in options to reduce the time needed to fill out paperwork.  Our new Reception & Lobby Bure has also been modified to ensure that physical distancing will always be easy to achieve upon arrival and during your stay.

Housekeeping teams are being provided with enhanced cleaning procedures for the rooms and guest facilities.  All areas will now undergo a “twice cleaned” process that includes a sanitisation stage.  Staff will be undergoing on-the-job training to ensure they are able to uphold these new standards of hygiene, and regular audits are being programmed.

Restaurant & Bar layout will have reduced seating to make physical distancing easy to achieve.  Although we will strive to keep things casual and stick to “island time”, we may need to ask you to book a dining time slot during peak periods.

Buffet Breakfast has been changed so our staff will now serve you.  The continental selection is still on display so you can select what you want, however it is now served to you by restaurant staff.  Cooked breakfast selections are still available a la carte and are cooked to order.

Pool will continue to be monitored by our pool attendants however will be checked twice as often throughout the day.  The fully refurbished pool will also feature an automated chlorine monitoring and dispensing system.

Activities staff will be assisting us in helping you maintain physical distancing.  All organised activities will have limited numbers and wherever possible will be held outdoors.  Our team are currently developing more environmental and wellness-based activities to keep you interested, informed and healthy!


View our ‘Savasava Hygiene Program Promise‘ document.

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