Destination? Wedding!


If you love travel and you hate hard work, a destination wedding may be for you. Put simply, a destination wedding is a wedding held somewhere you and your future spouse don’t live, and where most or all of the guests will have to travel and stay for the celebrations. A destination wedding can be held anywhere you like – but we of course suggest somewhere beautiful (those natural decorations of sun, sea and sand!) somewhere relaxing (did someone say ocean breeze? Resort facilities? Lounging by the pool?) and somewhere that will take all the work off your hands for you (hello, dedicated events team!) In short, we want to host your wedding!

A destination wedding brings all your guests together – literally – by taking everyone out of their comfort zones of hometown and routine and really emphasizes the beautiful, special moment of the union of two people. Can you just imagine scrunching your bare feet into the white sands of Fiji while you say I do? Toasting under the clear island sky full of brilliant stars? Luxuriating in a giant, comfortable bed, knowing you don’t have to do the laundry?

Why not invite all your most special people to a wonderful vacation where they get to celebrate you, and where you can stay for your honeymoon right after? Again, while you can take some of the organisation on yourself if that’s what you like, many couples choosing a destination wedding are using the event planners at their chosen resort to really make something special for them, while taking away all the stress that can really taint your special day.

Of course, a destination wedding isn’t for everyone. Guests usually pay for their own flights and accommodation, and destination weddings are often smaller, as not everyone enjoys travel or can afford the trip. But if a destination wedding sounds like the perfect way to marry the one you love – contact us to get started on the wedding of your dreams.