The Flame Tree Under the Stars

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Picture this: It’s a balmy, calm evening under the stars and on the beach. Food is being served by a friendly face. Could there be a better way to dine while experiencing a fabulous Fiji holiday for couples? Contemporary classics and traditional tasty Fijian fare is what launches The Flame Tree to the top of the forest as a favourite when it comes to lovebirds indulging in the ultimate Fijian foodie experience.

A trailblazer for tantalizing treats, The Flame Tree is Lomani’s famous beachside restaurant serving up the delicious flavours of Pacific Rim cuisine and Fijian influenced dishes featuring fresh seafood, imported beef and lamb, and locally sourced ingredients. Many of the meals have a subtle and modern twist; a little something to make you remember.

The Lomani Cocktail Bar features an enticing selection of drinks, the perfect tonic served up on a Fiji holiday for couples, including creamy coladas and freshly muddled mojitos for you and your loved one. The bar also stocks an extensive range of New Zealand and Australian wines, French champagnes, and a selection of local and imported beers and spirits.

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Available for FJ$175 per person for an unforgettable two course lunch & three course dinner daily or FJ$117 for a three course dinner daily

Offer valid till 31st March 2019

Full American Breakfast

Complimentary in all accommodation bookings at Lomani Island Resort.

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