Rekindle Your Relationship With Some Time Away


Every relationship needs some time out, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Time to reconnect to each other and to the things that brought you together. Time to realise how you’ve grown and changed together. Time to really appreciate each other for who you are, rather than how you always take the bins out or do the dishes.

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember the spark that you once had. With the aforementioned chores, work, family, friends, life gets busy. You might take your partner for granted without realising it, forgetting what a privilege it is to have someone who’s with you through everything, the highs, the lows, the mundanity of life.

A couple’s vacation may just be the answer to rekindling the romance. Forget everyone else except each other and rediscover the excitement of your relationship. Not only can you forget about who’s turn it is to cook dinner or pick the kids up from school, but you can forget about the kids for a moment and really appreciate life with your partner – away from regular life.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to scuba dive, but you live in a landlocked city. Maybe you’re dying to try something new together, but it’s hard to find time when one or the other (or both) of you aren’t tired, busy, or just unexcited because life’s got you down. A holiday together – maybe especially one at a romantic island resort – could be just the thing you need.

Take a holiday. Take time together to remember what it is you love about each other. Find something you can do together. Find something you can not do – together. Disconnect from the rest of the world and make time for each other, for intimacy, for true love.