Romantic Getaways for Older Couples


Romantic getaways aren’t just for young lovers. Couples of all ages deserve to take some time out to relax and enjoy quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And why not enjoy the conveniences of a highly rated resort as well as the beauty of an island retreat?

Fiji has wonderful local cuisine, and there are many chances to step out and try something new while you’re here. But there are also a wide variety of Western comfort foods, so that even though you may be far from home, you still have the comfort of an indulgence you know you’ll enjoy.

One of the best parts about travelling while older is that you have the leisure of choosing the time that best suits you, which can be outside of peak time. Some of the most popular travel destinations for older people are just as enjoyable outside the high times of spring and summer. For many island destinations, the temperature is fairly constant throughout the year, and choosing just a few weeks outside of peak tourist season could mean a quieter, more relaxing stay – and maybe some great deals if you’re lucky.

Resorts are a great way to enjoy that time you’ve planned away from kids, grandkids and newly retired friends with too much time on their hands. Spas and wellness programs abound in tropical resorts like Lomani Island Resort, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the services with or without your partner. We know that many older couples just want to enjoy their well-deserved time off and be pampered – and a couple’s massage or a tailored spa treatment is just the way to do that. Maybe your spouse can have a round of golf while you get a facial, and you can round it all off with a walk on a semi-private beach at sunset.