Show them you love them this Valentines Day

Sunset serenader set up on the beach at lomani island Resort

Valentine’s Day. The one day of the year dedicated solely to lovers and to love, to celebrating relationships and affirming commitment.

Valentine’s Day encourages us to think carefully about our loved ones, what they like, how they like to spend their time, and how to show them we love them in a way that they’ll truly treasure. Love languages, popularised by Dr Gary Chapman in the late 1990s, allow you to tune in to the way you partner best expresses and receives affection. Here’s how to use your partner’s love language to make your Fijian escape the most romantic holiday you’ve ever been on.

Quality time

Quality time is the backbone of all healthy relationships, but for some people, it’s the only way to demonstrate affection. Putting away your phone during mealtimes and choosing activities that your partner loves doing, and which will allow you to bond either while you participate or afterwards, will ensure your partner hears loud and clear that they’re the one you want to spend your time with, even when your surroundings are as exotic as Fiji.

Physical touch

Most of us are instinctively drawn to touching our loved ones, but there is a way to use physical touch to intentionally express how much you love your special someone. Holding their hand during a romantic walk, leaning into the intimacy of sleepy mornings by offering to fix their hair or button their clothes, or taking the time to bathe together after a long day are all great ways to show your partner you love them through physical touch.

Acts of service

If you’ve ever had a fight with your partner about not helping out around the house, it could be because their love language is acts of service. Whether you’re at home or taking a romantic island trip for two, show your partner you love them by making breakfast, surprising your loved one with a cocktail as they lounge by the pool, or wrapping up a long day with a foot or shoulder rub.

Giving and receiving gifts

We all love receiving gifts, but a well-chosen trinket or flower can speak volumes about how much you love and cherish your partner. Take a basket-weaving class and surprise them with the result, keep an eye out for a quirky tchotchke they’d love to add to their collection, or even just pick a frangipani and tuck it behind their ear as you walk. It shows you’re thinking about them.

Words of affirmation

Like quality time, “I love you” is often the backbone of a healthy relationship – but how many times do you say it without thinking, at the end of a phone call or as you rush out the door? For a partner whose love language is words of affirmation, these offhand comments aren’t really enough to keep the love alive. Instead, look into their eyes while you say it. Comment on how cute they look first thing in the morning, or how stunning the result is when they’ve had their hair cut or dressed up for a date. Savour those romantic moments and tell them what’s on your mind, even if it feels mushy or silly.

Paying attention to and using your partner’s love language can be an essential part of a healthy relationship. It shows your partner how much you care for them and pay attention to their wants and needs. Start by exploring your partner’s love language while on your romantic Fiji holiday, and then keep it going to make every day as special as the ones you spent in Fiji.

Show them you love them this Valentines Day