Hitting the Waves


Fiji is home to some of the world’s best surfing, and Lomani Island Resort lies right at the heart. If you’ve got an appetite for adventure and a love for the surf, Lomani Island resort is just the place for you.

Some of the best breaks in the world can be found just 20 minutes’ boat ride from Malolo Lailai Island, including the world-famous Cloudbreak, voted one of the world’s top-10 best/most challenging breaks, and Restaurants. With swells ranging between two and 20ft and a reef break, these two breaks are for advanced surfers only.

Intermediate surfers will enjoy heading out to Desperations, ideal for shortboarders and bodyboarders, or Namotu Left, considered by some the best longboard wave in Fiji.

Wilkes Pass has waves suitable for all skill levels, and if you’re just starting out, jump off the boat at Swimming Pools. It can be difficult to catch, but you’re guaranteed a fun ride.

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Surf Tour Prices

Pre-booked surf tours are priced depending on which break you visit.  Please note a minimum of 4 surfers are required.

Intermediate Breaks

FJ$80pp / AU$53pp / US$36pp

for Wilkes, Swimming Pools, Restaurants, Namotu Left and Tavarua Right (intermediate surfers)

Advanced Breaks

FJ$100pp / AU$65pp / US$45pp

for Cloudbreak and Desperations (advanced surfers)

Surf the best waves in the world