Travel like a local


How to get the best information for your romantic Fiji getaway

Part of the adventure of travel is what you find along the way – but it pays to be well prepared. Before you set off on your dream Fiji holiday, do a little work to get to know this beautiful nation of islands before you get here. From the smile you get when you return a local’s ‘Bula!’ to the ease of already knowing which snorkelling tour suits you and your loved one best, you’ll be surprised at how much difference a few hours of research can make. Find out how to get the best information quickly below.

Read widely

Lonely Planet is number one for quality, well-researched travel information – but it’s not the only name in travel anymore. Your local bookstore’s travel section will be stuffed full of different travel guides, each designed to serve a different need.

If you don’t fancy spending your whole travel budget on travel guides, blogs are your friend. Googling “honeymoon Fiji” will set you up with days worth of tips, tricks, and insider knowledge – and you never know which one will be the tidbit that turns your romantic Fiji getaway from “wow” to unforgettable.

Join the conversation

Most businesses are on social media now, and joining in the conversation can be the easiest way to read reviews, ask questions, and get advice from holidaymakers who have already been where you’re going.

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