Your Own Drop Pool and Beachfront Paradise

I’m going on holiday at a resort in Fiji. What images do these words conjure up in your mind? Be specific. Spare no expense – this is your daydream, after all.

You’re probably thinking soft white sand and rolling waves gently coming in to kiss the shore. The beach is maybe ten feet from your room – maybe a little further, just to ensure absolute privacy. You want a gigantic bed, super comfortable, with someone else to change the sheets, if you don’t mind.

Let’s go further. You’ve got buckets of privacy, so how about an outdoor shower? It’s got to be in a beautiful courtyard to enjoy the warmth of a brand new sunrise. You can see the stars from here, after the sky shows off a glorious sunset. White walls, dark stones that are smooth under your feet. Let’s pop some greenery in there to remind you of where you are (as if you could forget).

Near the outdoor shower there has to be a deck to lounge on with your choice of beverage. The beach is in sight, but in case you don’t want to get sand everywhere, you’ll want a private pool in which to soak. It doesn’t have to be big – there’s only you, and maybe one special person to share it with.

What’s the most important part of a beach getaway? The complete absence of anything to worry about – not kids, not work, not chores – nothing but what to do next and how to stay here forever.

If you’re thinking that there can be no place like this – there is nowhere this perfect – you’re wrong. Lomani Island’s Beachfront Pool Bures are the absolute top choice for a perfect Fiji holiday. We now have a total of ten bures with private pools for you to enjoy with your significant other, or even as a perfect getaway for one — in which case you can spread out on that gigantic bed and take the covers all for yourself!