Zen and the art of resting with intention


While the word “zen” derives from Buddhism, colloquially it has become deeply connected with wellbeing. It conjures up images of total relaxation and restfulness, a peacefulness with your life and everything in it.

If you’re looking at booking a tropical island getaway, you’re probably looking for the “zen” kind of rest. But not all rest is created equal, and while you might be looking forward to spending whole days lounging by the pool with a book, chances are your body and mind need a bit more than that to recharge properly.

Depending on what kind of rest you need, you’ll probably be experiencing specific symptoms. If you’re snapping at your spouse or getting angry at other drivers on the road, you’re probably in need of emotional rest. Recharge by connecting deeply with someone who you can unload on, or tucking yourself away to meditate or journal – really let those emotions flow.

That poolside scenario we described earlier? That’s physical rest: being gentle with your body and mind and focusing wholly on energy recuperation. Taking a nap, indulging with a relaxing massage, and ensuring you get a good nights’ sleep are all great ways of resting that recharge your physical batteries.

A need for mental rest is probably what gave you the idea of a tropical getaway in the first place. Your mind is cluttered, and you can’t clear it enough to focus on work, plan your day, or answer the ten urgent emails sitting in your inbox.

Rest your mind by turning off your screen and moving your body. A snorkelling tour, afternoon of surfing, or a gentle walk on the beach are all great ways of giving yourself some well-deserved mental rest.

Get the most out of your tropical getaway and achieve true zen, peace, and tranquillity by listening to your body, fulfilling its needs, and achieving true, regenerating rest.

Lomani Island Resort is world renowned for its peace and tranquillity and if you want to indulge in experiences during your stay, our team will help find the right activity for you.